Our Lions Club, a part of Hopkinton since 1975, is dedicated to actively supporting the needs of our local community, as evidenced by our motto, "We Serve".


On Saturday, May 22, the Lions Club sponsored a Community Yard Sale, advertising throughout town, and providing yard sale shoppers with a map to all of the 22 houses participating.

On Wednesday, May 12, the Lions Club hosted a Zoom Diabetes Awareness Forum, featuring local medical and nutrition experts discussing aspects of diabetes prevention and care.  Our thanks to Caron Grupposo, Kim Minogue, and Steve Perryman, for their excellent presentations.  Look at this website soon for a link to the video.


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Click here to read about our history in the Hopkinton area for the past 40 years.  Here is an additional message from our membership chairman, along with information on how to contact us with any further questions or interest you may have in the club.


  • ​Early July, 2021: Next Club meeting (TBD)
  • Saturday, June 26, 2021: Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser
    • Info here ; more details here
    • Purchase tickets online here
  • Boston Marathon: ​We are looking to work with a runner who can help us with our Marathon fundraising goal of $5000.  Email hopkintonlions@gmail.com for info on our runner's bib.

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