The Hopkinton Lions Club Meat Raffle, held at Cornell's Pub, is a chance for you to buy tickets to enable you to win portions of meat, with the proceeds of the raffle going to support the Hopkinton Lions Club and its charitable activities.  The meat raffle will proceed as follows:

There will be three separate raffles throughout the day, each containing a variety of meat products displayed on a table at the restaurant.

Before the first game, anyone interested in participating can purchase tickets from one of the Lions Club members that will be walking throughout the restaurant.  The tickets will be sold at 10 for $5, 25 for $10.  All tickets will be placed in a box, to be drawn later, to determine the winners.  The table of prizes will be set up, so that participants can see the items they are competing for.

When the first game is ready to start, no more tickets will be sold, the box of tickets will be shaken, and the first winning ticket will be drawn.  The winner can choose any of the items of meat that have been displayed on the table of prizes.  Tickets will continue to be drawn, and the winners will continue to select any of the remaining meat prizes, until the table is empty.

After the first table has been emptied, the first round of tickets will be discarded.  A second (and then third) table will be set up, new tickets purchased, placed  and the game will be played again.

Thank you for your sponsorship of the Hopkinton Lions Club, and thanks to Cornell's for hosting the event.  Good luck!